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Why "Charming Potpourri"?

In October of 2016, I attended Mark Kermode's show MK3D in Edinburgh. The show runs monthly at the BFI Southbank in London, however was brought up for a one off event.

The show consists of Mark discussing various topics on film, interviews and some audience interaction.

Before the event, Mark tweeted out looking for questions, which you can see from the photo to the left that I did as such.

Once I received a notification saying that Mark had liked my tweet, I suddenly became very nervous in that he would talk to me and answer the question. I'm a big fan, I got pre star struck.

Sure enough, the night came and almost the first thing he said was "Is Anthony Chalmers here?"

Excited and terrified, I raised my hand to which he came toward me on the stage and asked me to repeat my question.

I did.

He laughed and replied "Now there is one thing I'd advise is to not ask a film critic to name your production company".

He then put it to the audience, looking for three options. He had asked my name: Anthony Chalmers

and What kind of films I'd be making: A mix.


Someone shouted "Charming" - I assume alluding to my last name.

Another shouted "Potpourri" - a mix.

Finally, someone shouted "Trumpet!" - No idea, maybe I should be offended?

So Mark put it to me, "You have three options".

Counting with his fingers, he firstly said "Trumpet" then shook his head vigorously.

"Potpourri" shook his hand in 'meh' motion, then finished with "Charming" and nodded.

I'm not even sure if he gave me time to respond, before saying "Charming Pictures it is", then moving on.

Now as much as I would of like to, "Charming Pictures" just seemed like an unfortunate company name - what if people dont find my films charming?

So I decided to combine all the elements, and started Charming Potpourri productions, and if you watch the logo to the right, you'll see where the third comes in.

In November 2018, two years after the original MK3D in Edinburgh, I went along to Mark's book tour in Glasgow for his book

"How Does it Feel?". The event was great and as expected he stuck around to sign books.

Finally I had a chance to bring up the story of how he helped name the CP. It's always good to have something of merit to say

in a situation like this, otherwise I turn into a mumbling mess.

I told him the story, he didn't remember of course but laughed as I recalled it to him. I asked him to sign a card but he slid it into his pocket, which is kind of him to pretend to care! I asked again though and gave him another one to sign.

He kindly wished me all the best with it and off I went. 

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