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A Youth Filmmaking Program


Giving young people a

voice through film!

CREW is a new youth arts project that teaches the basics of filmmaking and allows  young people to express themselves through film!


Over the course of the programme, the young people will learn the fundamentals of the filmmaking process and together create a short film.  Group participants will choose the topic of each film after creative exploration of their passions and interests.


Filmmaking is a collaborative process and therefore will develop a number of vital life skills in the young people that they can take with them moving forward.


All of the young people that take part will also work toward their Dynamic Youth Award (recognised by the SQA), which celebrates the achievement of young people through the evidence and accomplishment of personal and individual set targets.  


CREW recognises the importance of collaboration and is developing relationships with other arts groups in the community (and further a field).  Throughout each programme young people will have assistance from an outside agency to produce the best end product from the group, as well as provide new experiences and opportunities in the creative arts. 



CREW is a fun, fast paced programme that aims to allow young people to share their thoughts and ideas with the community!


Check out the programme below!


Session 1

Session 2

Pilot Program
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