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Tide & Time (2018)

Poster | Synopsis | Credits

Sci-Fi/Horror/Drama | 9:20

Caught in an unexplainable time anomaly, a fastidious recluse watches as everything he does becomes undone during the first ten seconds after 6 PM, every day. Is your future ever inescapable? Does time mean anything at all without consequences? Even at the smallest doses, absolute freedom always comes at a price. 

Written & Directed by


Director of Photography 

Production Design 

Sound Design 

Camera Assistant 



Additional VFX


Special Thanks to 

Anthony Chalmers

Karl J. Claridge

George Harwood

Alice Restrick

Tom Hemblade

David Traill

Peter J Stewart

Seamus Cogan

Shaun Milne

Omiros Vasos

Penelope McCann

(Thanks Mum!)

Giles Merideth

Barbara Spevack

Scot Morrison



production stills

Production Stills
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